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Red Letters: By Tom Davis

“Red Letters is an inspirational call to action for a church that is in danger of missing God‰’s call to care for the widow and the orphan. This is a book to be studied and shared amongst friends, family, and church members. It addresses one of the biggest gaps in Christianity today‰–the gap between Jesus’ […]

Saved By Adoption : By Michael Monroe

Click on Saved By Adoption to view an article about the story of an adopted boy named Nicholas and what he taught his new family. It also describes his adoptive parents transition from an incomplete motivation of “savior mentality” to a new and full re-defined calling. By Tapestry of Irving Bible Church in Irving, TX.

The Mentoring Project // Resources

This toolkit will provide you with everything you need to begin a sustainable mentoring community in your church. Included: Promotional DVD Training DVD Operations Manual 10 TMP Field Manuals 20 TMP Promotional Brochures TMP Promotional Poster Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story by John Sowers, President of The Mentoring Project To Own a Dragon or Father […]

10 Ways Every Christian Can Care For The Orphan

Click on Ten Ways Poster to view the poster/article. 130 Million orphans. Yes, it’s a BIG number. And it can be difficult to know how one person can make a dent in a reality so daunting. However, one Christian — every Christian — can make a difference. There are many things you can do on behalf […]

Continuum of Care : By World Orphans

Click on Continuum of Care to see an overview of care options as it pertains to orphans, the indigenous church, mission agencies, and western church partners. By World Orphans.

Children at Risk | Children’s Program

David C Cook has developed a children‰’s program for children-at-risk and orphan children around the world. They are offering the lessons free to people who can adapt and/or translate them into their own language. The program can be used in a number of ways. People using it in orphanages are using three lessons each week. […]