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10 Ways to Start Serving the Orphan Today

For young people, caring for orphans seems out of reach. If I can’t adopt or foster, then I can’t do orphan care…can I? The great news is that there are many meaningful ways to reflect God’s love for vulnerable children.

The Genius of Internships

Do you want to discover and unlock the genius of internships within your organization? Join CAFO and Michael True, national leader in internships and talent development consultant, as we discuss the ins and outs of utilizing interns to fulfill our mission of caring for vulnerable children and families around the globe. Whether you’re just getting […]

Engaging Students in the Cause of the Fatherless

Whether you’re a student, a youth pastor, or just want to help wake a passion for orphans in young people, this webinar is for you!  The idea of Heartwork first sprung up in a Colorado youth group, and it’s now helping students and youth groups across the country care for orphans around the globe.  But […]