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Ethical Short-Term Missions Training Tool

If you are a prospective volunteer, team member, missions pastor, sending or receiving organisation, we’ve put this online platform together with you in mind, and we’re so glad that you’re here.   Although CAFO recommends these resources for further learning and exploration, it does not necessarily endorse or agree with every resource on every point.

Due Diligence Guidelines

ACCI Missions & Relief In obedience to the command of Christ to love our neighbours, many of our churches and organisations have a deep commitment to support those living overseas who are oppressed by injustice and poverty. This commitment can be expressed in many different forms, from prayer and encouragement to financial or inkind assistance. […]

How to Help Without Hurting

As church groups nationwide head out on summer missions trips, learn key principles and practices to ensure that the long-term results are for good.  Show an orphan the tangible love of Christ, building on principles that are practical, field-tested and useful for your next mission trip. Presenter: Elizabeth Styffee, Director Orphan Care Initiative, Saddleback Church