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If You Were Mine : DVD Adoption Workshop

Hope for Orphans® If You Were Mine DVD workshop has helped thousands of families nationwide, inviting them to investigate adoption from a biblical and practical perspective. Now available as a video workshop, If You Were Mine is perfect for small groups, as a one-day event, or for individual families, encouraging them toward wise, loving decisions […]

What I wish I Had Known Before Starting Foster/ Foster Adoption

Click on What I Wish I Had Known – By Tapestry @ Irving Bible Church – Irving, TX This resource is a PDF list of practical ideas to help one along the journey of foster parenting in Texas. While some of the advice will not be wholly relevant for other states, all of it is […]

Ten Questions When Considering Adoption

Click on Ten Questions When Considering Adoption for an article that has ten necessary questions you need to answer when considering adoption. By Tapestry @ Irving Bible Church in Irving, TX.

Eight Steps To Adoption : By Family Life’s Hope For Orphans

Click on Eight Steps To Adoption by Hope For Orphans. When it comes to making a decision about adoption, many people get stuck between thinking and doing. Fears, uncertainties and doubts keep people from being able to make an informed adoption decision. That is why we have created this guide. We provide easy-to-use adoption information […]

10 Ways Every Christian Can Care For The Orphan

Click on Ten Ways Poster to view the poster/article. 130 Million orphans. Yes, it’s a BIG number. And it can be difficult to know how one person can make a dent in a reality so daunting. However, one Christian — every Christian — can make a difference. There are many things you can do on behalf […]

Home for Good Adoption Bible Study

An In-Depth Bible Study of the Biblical Basis for Adoption as Ministry & Evangelism from the Home for Good Foundation. Click here for a link to the PDF.