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The Whole Life Adoption Book : By Jayne E Schooler

Schooler’s strength lies in her relating the emotional issues of adoption: identity, grief and barriers to attachment…As a mother of four adopted sons, I found this book to be beneficial. —Katrina Schmitz, Christian Retailing, April 15, 1993.

What I wish I Had Known Before Starting Foster/ Foster Adoption

Click on What I Wish I Had Known – By Tapestry @ Irving Bible Church – Irving, TX This resource is a PDF list of practical ideas to help one along the journey of foster parenting in Texas. While some of the advice will not be wholly relevant for other states, all of it is […]

Ten Questions When Considering Adoption

Click on Ten Questions When Considering Adoption for an article that has ten necessary questions you need to answer when considering adoption. By Tapestry @ Irving Bible Church in Irving, TX.

What To Consider When Considering Adoption

Click on What to Consider When Considering Adoption to see an article about what to consider before adopting–such as appropriate motivations, expectations, and the importance of prayer. By Tapestry @ Irving Bible Church in Irving, TX.

Eight Steps To Adoption : By Family Life’s Hope For Orphans

Click on Eight Steps To Adoption by Hope For Orphans. When it comes to making a decision about adoption, many people get stuck between thinking and doing. Fears, uncertainties and doubts keep people from being able to make an informed adoption decision. That is why we have created this guide. We provide easy-to-use adoption information […]

Ready or Not: 30 Days of Discovery For Foster & Adoptive Parents

Entering the journey of foster care and adoption can be one of the most daunting decisions that you make as a parent. Parenting a child who has experienced trauma and loss is a rewarding experience, but it’s not easy. In this biblically-centered and straight-forward book, Pam Parish helps parents to: Consider the impact of foster […]