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The Middle Mom : By Christie Erwin

Every foster parent knows how hard, and yet how rewarding it can be to care for a child with a difficult past and an uncertain future. Christie Erwin has been a mom, in the middle of it, for countless children over nearly two decades. In this poignant and insightful book, she honestly shares the reality […]

The Top 10 of Top 10 Lists For Foster Parents

Click on The_Top_10_Defining_Foster_Care_Experience by Tapestry @ Irving Bible Church in Irving, TX. The following lists have been compiled by a foster family with 3 biological children who have been fostering for 6 years, had 26 foster children (ages 4 days to 16 years), and are in the process of adopting for the first time! These […]

Adoption and Foster Care Blogging Tips

Click on Adoption/Foster Care Blogging Tips by Tapestry @ Irving Bible Church in Irving, TX. From the How, the Why, to the DO’s and DON’Ts about Blogging, this article will give you wise advise.