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FMU: The Social Worker, the Book, and the Trashcan

FacebookTwitter Pr. Robert Gelinas, Colorado Community Church You never know when one encounter might change your life.  Pr. Robert Gelinas shares how reaching into one social worker’s trash can altered the path of his ministry.   FacebookTwitter

FMU: This is Just Some of My Story

FacebookTwitter Shawn Welcome, Performance Poet Through the powerful spoken word of Shawn Welcome, meet Jim and Leah, two people who experienced foster care system and now live their lives as an example of God’s love and power.   FacebookTwitter

FMU: Pharaoh’s Daughter

FacebookTwitter Pr. Robert Gelinas, Colorado Community Church Amazing things happen when we are willing to step into the mess.  Pr. Gelinus shares how Pharaoh’s daughter did just that and found herself a part of God’s plan.   FacebookTwitter

FMU: The Church as a Body Not a Building

FacebookTwitter Jedd Medefind, Christian Alliance for Orphans When the church engages in the foster care system, something transformational happens -– not only in the lives of those touched by foster care but also inside the church itself.   FacebookTwitter