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H.E.L.P. Notecards for Child Welfare Professionals

We asked some very special kids, “If you could do anything to thank your social worker what would you do?” Their answers are depicted on these note cards and will inspire you and the workers in your community that receive them.  Each set includes a free H.E.L.P. Guide.

E-Booklet: Welcoming Kids from Hard Places

God’s heart for the hurting, the oppressed, and the marginalized is exemplified in thousands of verses devoted to these groups of people throughout Scripture. The passages listed in this resource represent every instance in the Bible where orphans, the fatherless, or the concept of adoption is specifically mentioned.

E-Booklet: Find Your Fit in Foster Care

You want to make a difference in the lives of kids and families in foster care, but aren’t exactly sure where you can make the most impact. This handy guide will help you clarify how your gifts, personality and experiences can make the biggest difference in foster care where you live.

Webinar: Finding Your Piece of the Foster Care Puzzle

FacebookTwitter When people think about getting involved in foster care, the first things that often come to mind are foster parenting and adoption. To be sure, these are 2 important pieces of the foster care puzzle. But, what are some of the other pieces and how can God use your unique gifts and experiences in […]

FMU: The Social Worker, the Book, and the Trashcan

FacebookTwitter Pr. Robert Gelinas, Colorado Community Church You never know when one encounter might change your life.  Pr. Robert Gelinas shares how reaching into one social worker’s trash can altered the path of his ministry.   FacebookTwitter