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Video: Fostering Movement on a Foundation of Prayer

Foster care movement in a local community is a spiritual movement. Like any spiritual movement in history, it happens as a result of God responding to the prayers of His people coming together in unity. This video will help you and others in your community explore together the role prayer plays in foster care movement […]

The Church and State as Partners in Foster Care Video

FMU SESSION 4 “The church, if it could do it by itself, would…but the government has custody of the children. And so, it’s that collaborative process that’s going to make a difference in the lives of children and families.” -Dr. Sharen Ford More and more churches around the country are awakening to the needs of […]

How to H.E.L.P. Child Welfare Professionals in Your Community Video

FMU SESSION 3 When people think about getting involved in foster care, the first things that often come to mind are foster parenting and adoption. To be sure, these are two important pieces of the foster care puzzle. But, what are some of the other pieces and how can God use your unique gifts and […]