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E-Booklet: How to Speak Up

You care about kids in foster care and want churches in your community to take action, but you’re not sure where to start. This simple interactive guide will walk you through the first four critical steps of foster care movement-building. It provides clear, simple worksheets to help you figure out what it will take to […]

E-Booklet: The Foster Care Prayer Guide

Jonathan Edwards wrote, “There is no way that Christians, in a private capacity, can do so much to promote the works of God and advance the kingdom of God as by prayer.” The Foster Care Prayer Guide equips you with prayer requests do just that on behalf of kids and families in your community.

Video: Fostering Movement on a Foundation of Prayer

Foster care movement in a local community is a spiritual movement. Like any spiritual movement in history, it happens as a result of God responding to the prayers of His people coming together in unity. This video will help you and others in your community explore together the role prayer plays in foster care movement […]

Prayers that Changed History

FMU SESSION 5 A great way for and your family to explore the stories of twenty-five notable people whose prayers changed history.  God isn’t done changing the world yet, and He would love to use you to make history.