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Optimizing Futures for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

FacebookTwitter Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (formerly called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) can occur in individuals whose mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy. FASD can affect physical, cognitive, and emotional development, and the effects may be lifelong. This condition tends to occur more frequently in children whose biological mothers live in low resource environments or lack adequate prenatal […]

Basic Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation: Measuring Effectiveness

FacebookTwitter A child’s well-being is significantly linked to the quality of care he or she receives. But how do we know if care is “quality?” How do we know whether the vision we have outlined is truly being accomplished in the way we care for vulnerable children? Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a process by […]

When Helping Hurts : By Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

‰”We live at a time when it has become popular to be an activist for the poor. But before we all run over to Africa to “do something,‰” this book is a must read! The impact of good but uninformed intentions leads to unintended consequences that can be damaging to everyone involved. This book will […]

What the Church Needs from Orphan Care/Adoption Organizations

Click on “What the Church Needs” to see the article by Michael Monroe, a leader of the Tapestry ministry in Irving, TX. The following ideas and insights have been prepared to help church ministries and agencies/organizations effectively work together. These ideas relate specifically to church ministries and agencies/organizations that focus primarily on adoption and foster […]

ALL IN Orphan Care: Small Group Curriculum

ABOUT THE BOOK We believe the Church is the answer to the orphan care crisis in our world, and that connecting people in community and equipping them biblically are essential if we want to see the people of God go all in to care for kids and strengthen families. This 6-Session ALL IN Orphan Care: […]

Journeys of Faith: Guiding Principles for Church Global Orphan Care Partnerships

Both within and beyond Christian circles, experts increasingly recognize that indigenous churches are indispensable partners for effective orphan care around the world. Yet for U.S. churches and individuals, partnering globally in ways both that are both discerning and respectful isn’t easy. Explore principles and models drawn from real-world partnerships that unite U.S. churches with local […]