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Parenting Skills

Recorded at Collaborate 2016, Monica Woodhouse, Give a Child a Family, South Africa, discusses key parenting skills necessary for foster/adoptive families.

Rebuilding the Orphan Gate

SUMMARY A consistent question from many emerging orphan care movements and champions is “What is the Church’s role in caring for orphans?” This booklet is a written version of a presentation made by David Hennessey, Director for Global Movements, CAFO, at several international conferences over the past few years. Using the familiar story of Nehemiah, […]

Orphan Sunday-International Coordinator Manual 2016

SUMMARY Orphan Sunday is a movement that is only accomplished through the dedicated service of hundreds of volunteers around the world. CAFO trusts volunteers to follow their hearts and use prayer to guide them in the implementation of what God leads as they seek to embrace and celebrate Orphan Sunday. Information in this manual includes: […]

Equipping the Local Church

Recorded at Collaborate 2016, David Hennessey (Director for Global Movements, CAFO) discusses key considerations for equipping the local church in every nation.