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6 Keys To Winning The Heart Of Your Children

FacebookTwitter People enter parenthood with a vision and dream for their parenting, whether they’re a biological, adoptive, or even a foster parent. But along the way they discover a problem: the child (or children) they’re parenting is a human being, with their own mind, own ideals, and own view of the world. Often, parents feel […]

Adoption Assessment by Loving Shepherd Ministries

We make the adoption process less complicated and overwhelming. LSM is not an adoption agency. We are a not-for-profit Christian adoption organization that provides assistance to families who are in the beginning stages of international and domestic adoption. Our resources are free. We are totally unique because our services are at no cost to families […]

E-Booklet: Welcoming Kids from Hard Places

God’s heart for the hurting, the oppressed, and the marginalized is exemplified in thousands of verses devoted to these groups of people throughout Scripture. The passages listed in this resource represent every instance in the Bible where orphans, the fatherless, or the concept of adoption is specifically mentioned.