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Patch Our Planet

After being on staff in the local church for 11 years, I realized that I was a pastor who had no idea how the church could practically address the orphan crisis. In 2010, I started Patch Our Planet to unite church leaders and orphan advocates by customizing long-term orphan care strategies under each church’s vision.

My past experience is a beautiful mosaic of God’s grace along the journey. I served as Road Pastor/World Vision Representative to the Christian Band, Newsong, for three years. My wife and I lived in Argentina early in our marriage. And I spent 11 years of my life pastoring college/singles in the local church and leading yearly mission trips in several countries during that time. In 2010, I started Patch Our Planet. The following year, I was asked to serve on the White House’s International Adoption Panel. Since then, we’ve been equipping the local church and making our orphan care curriculum available online so that every church in every community can make a lasting difference in the orphan crisis. I’ve been married for 16 years to the love of my life. We have two children, one with special needs.


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Placida, FL

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We pray through every opportunity and consider each invitation a privilege. We do not set a standard honorarium charge. Our heart is to serve the local church.

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Orphan Care and The Church, The Church’s Role in Orphan Care, Awakening the Sleeping Giant and Is the Church Running from Suffering?

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