Isabel Hunt

President, Arrow Child & Family Ministries and Embrace Me! Family Services

Facing 10 years of infertility was the catalyst that sent her on her journey to adoption of an 8 year old girl and a 5 day old boy through miraculous placements – only to become pregnant after adopting! She began an Infertility Support Group which led to an Adoption Ministry which included Fostering. She began a Ministry at her church, became the President of a nonprofit, opened up an LLC, works for a fos/adopt agency. Her sons won Community Hero for mobilizing the community to foster/adopt.

Speaker Location

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Travel Notes

My husband and I could travel together, I could travel alone or my two adopted children (ages 19 and 31) are gifted speakers. My 19 year old son spoke for the State of CA Foster Parents Association Conference in October of 2015.

Speaking Themes

  • Mobilizing Churches!
  • Adoption is an Option
  • Heartborn Son
  • The Storm of Infertility – My mourning into dancing:)
  • They Call Me “Mom” – mentoring youth
  • Do Something, Foster Care & Tori’s Torch
  • Supervised Visitation Monitoring
  • Family Preservation

Previous Speaking

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