Glenn Garvin

Former Vice President - Royal Family KIDS

Most family trees are pictured as mighty oaks, but Glenn refers to his as a cactus. It’s easy to see why Glenn — with two moms and three dads — describes his background this way. Glenn hasn’t seen his birth mother since the day he was born. His birth father was a chaotic presence, in and out of rehab recovering from addictions. His adoptive father, an alcoholic, committed suicide when Glenn was twelve. His adoptive mother’s fear of living alone made way for “Psychopath Ben,” Glenn’s controlling stepfather. Though Glenn’s family didn’t provide him with much hope for the future, everything changed when Glenn, as a teenager, made the decision to follow Christ.

God has redefined Glenn’s understanding of “family”— demonstrating His fatherly love through positive examples of husbands and fathers in the Church. It took five adults to mess up his life, but only one Jesus to transform it!

The fruit born of this transformation is extraordinary. Glenn and his wife, Robin, have been married for 29 years and blessed with three children: David (25) and his wife Ally, Matthew (23), and Janae (20). After establishing and directing the second Royal Family KIDS Camp, Glenn serves today as Vice President of Camps for Royal Family KIDS. He considers his job — challenging adults to give of their time, talent, and treasure on behalf of the fatherless — as that of a “hopebroker.” Just as some folks buy and sell stocks, he makes transactions of hope using the currency of God’s love.

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If churches could cover travel & hotel that would be extremely helpful. However, since we have camps, clubs and mentor-groups all over the United States other arrangements can be discussed.

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Moments Matter, Thriving out of abuse – Getting Well, Breaking the cycle, Fatherless Issues, The church and child abuse

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