Doug Walker

Senior Pastor - Fellowship of the Parks

Doug Walker is the founding and Senior Pastor of Fellowship of the Parks Church with three campuses in North Texas. He is a graduate of Carson Newman College and Southwestern Seminary. Doug wrote the book “Things Were Better Before You Came – A Story of Adoption, Acceptance and Unconditional Love.”

Doug was adopted when he was a baby. When he was nine years old, his adoptive mother—in a moment of intense anger—said something that would change Doug’s life. She said, “Things were better before you came.” From that point on, Doug questioned his value, not just in his parents’ home, but also in the world. This began a lifetime of struggling to earn love and acceptance. Doug’s life was lived with the question, “Were things really better before I came?” Through many years of struggles, Doug came to a point of understanding that God loves us unconditionally.

For the longest time, Doug lived in “Orphan Culture,” which is the perspective that we are only as valuable as our greatest achievements and that we are worthless if we cannot validate our own existence. However, God has invited us to live in “Son Culture,” which is to realize that God loves us unconditionally, regardless of our achievements and accolades.

This book is for people who feel unwanted and unloved. It is for those who have felt that the world would be better off without them and that they have nothing to contribute. This book is for people who need to receive the unconditional love of a God who calls himself Father.

Additional Resources

Doug’s Weekend Messages at Fellowship of the Parks

Doug sharing his adoption story at Fellowship of the Parks & Foothills Community Church Seneca, SC

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Speaker Location

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Speaking Themes

Doug is available to speak on the topics of adoption, acceptance and unconditional love. His target audience is: Adult adopted children, parents of adopted children, and birth parents seeking relational and spiritual validation. Those involved in adoption services. Any Christian interested in the Biblical theology of adoption, acceptance and unconditional love. Any person who has ever felt unloved, unwanted, or alone and those who deal with feelings of insecurity and insignificance.

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