Diego Fuller

Artist & Speaker, B.I.G. Records


Diego’s past is something you would see in a movie, something so unspeakable, but terribly true. He was a troubled kid that grew up without his parents, both of them were in jail. He was molested at eight years old & neglected by his father’s side of the family. One day, they packed all of his clothes up while he was at school, and when he got home they drove to the CPS office and dropped Diego off and left. Diego’s life was changed when he was Engrafted into Aaron Blake’s home.


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Arlington, TX

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I’m so blessed and honored that I was Engrafted into a forever family and it changed my life to allow me to do what I’m doing all around the county. So I have made it my mission and goal to make sure we get every Orphan and foster child to a forever family.

Speaking Themes

Recruit families and churches to the orphan care ministry an equip them by walking them through our best practices to accept the calling of orphan care. Share my testimony through the music gift God has giving me.

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