Aaron Klein

Hope Takes Root Founder - Lifesong for Orphans Ethiopia Board Member


Aaron Klein is the co-founder and CEO of Riskalyze, a financial technology startup. He’s also been elected to three terms as a Sierra College Trustee, and advocates for adoption and ending the global orphan crisis as a co-founder of Hope Takes Root. Most importantly, he’s a husband and a father who believes in Isaiah 1:17’s radical mandate for changing the world.

In 2010, Aaron and his wife, Cacey, helped to found Hope Takes Root, a local effort to build a revolutionary community to foster, care and adopt orphans both at home and around the world.

Hope Takes Root is helping families learn how to plan and finance adoptions, coordinate support during and after adoption via small groups and wraparound families, make a difference in orphan prevention and orphan care projects overseas, and reform public policy to promote permanency for children in the foster care system.


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Sacramento, CA

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Financing adoption; Beyond orphan care: building a self-sustainable future in the developing world

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