The Unadoptable Orphan 201: Octopi Care

Millions of children globally live without the love and nurture of parents. Yet adoption, whether local or international, is currently available to only a fraction of these children. Standing for these children includes efforts to remove barriers to adoption and to grow a culture of adoption in the church worldwide. Yet Christians also can play a vital role today in the lives of children for whom adoption is not currently an option. Approaching this vast and complex need requires more than a single approach. Rather, we must begin to think like an octopus with many arms reaching out in a broad variety of ways, custom designed for each culture and crisis. This webinar will be an excellent resource for both churches and individuals seeking to discover their unique “arm” in Octopi Care for some of the world’s most at-risk orphans.

Download the PDF of “On Understanding Orphan Statistics” referred to in this webinar.

Presenters: Kimberly Smith, Make Way Partners and Kim Ryan, North County Christ the King Church