Rebuilding the Orphan Gate



A consistent question from many emerging orphan care movements and champions is “What is the Church’s role in caring for orphans?”

This booklet is a written version of a presentation made by David Hennessey, Director for Global Movements, CAFO, at several international conferences over the past few years.

Using the familiar story of Nehemiah, Mr. Hennessey highlights distinct similarities of the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem with rebuilding the walls of protection and provision around the fatherless children in our world.

Beginning with the concept that it is the church’s responsibility to care for orphans, this booklet expounds on topics of:

  • Working locally is key
  • Not all are called to adopt or foster, but all are called to do something
  • Through caring for orphans, God is calling His church back to His heart


This document may be shared among pastors and potential leaders for local orphan care movements. The material is free to share and the concepts free to use in presentations.