Orphan Sunday-International Coordinator Manual 2016



Orphan Sunday is a movement that is only accomplished through the dedicated service of hundreds of volunteers around the world. CAFO trusts volunteers to follow their hearts and use prayer to guide them in the implementation of what God leads as they seek to embrace and celebrate Orphan Sunday. Information in this manual includes:

  • Introduction to the role of an Orphan Sunday Coordinator
  • Information about the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)
  • CAFO Core Principles
  • Orphan Sunday History
  • Orphan Sunday Frequently Asked Questions
  • Orphan Sunday – Coordinator Role
  • Orphan Sunday Local Coordinator – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Encouragement for Coordinators
  • Sample Letter to churches
  • Links to online resources


The Orphan Sunday International Coordinator Manual is intended to be used as a resource to encourage and guide those who are interested in holding an Orphan Sunday event in their church or community. It provides information on how to get started, who to connect with and links to event resources. A coordinator is also encouraged to network with others in their region to increase the awareness and impact of Orphan Sunday in their community.