Next Steps Booklet

Trustworthy organizations to help families and churches in every aspect of adoption, foster care, and global initiatives. This resource is intended to help you move to the next step in caring for orphans wisely and well through adoption, foster care or global initiatives. Whether you are just beginning to investigate God‰’s heart for the fatherless, or desire to rally others in the cause, we want to help connect you to trustworthy organizations that stand ready to walk with you along this journey.

Member Organizations of the Christian Alliance for Orphans are required to embody the highest commitment to financial integrity, good governance and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Members represent the full continuum of response to orphans worldwide–including adoption, domestic foster care, global orphan care and advocacy. Although each does excellent work within its own focus area, each also is committed to a vision larger than its own organization alone. Through Summit, Orphan Sunday and a host of other Alliance initiatives, members work together in a rare model of Christian unity to inspire, equip and connect individuals and churches for effective orphan ministry.