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Basic Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation: Measuring Effectiveness

A child’s well-being is significantly linked to the quality of care he or she receives. But how do we know if care is “quality?” How do we know whether the vision we have outlined is truly being accomplished in the way we care for vulnerable children? Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a process by which we measure our effectiveness, assessing whether the our goals are matched by the outcomes of our ministries. M&E is a process that helps improve performance, achieve results, and demonstrate impact.

All of this can sound overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. However, Dr. Nyberg will walk attendees through basic principles that even small or new organizations can use to insure good intentions are leading to positive results.

This is the eighth module in the CAFO Knowledge + Practice webinar series, which translates research into actionable information that OVC care practitioners can implement immediately to elevate the quality of the care they provide.


Dr. Beverly Nyberg serves as the Senior Technical Advisor for PEFPAR in the Office of Global Health and HIV at Peace Corps. Dr. Nyberg has over 40 years’ experience working with children and their caregivers in multi-cultural settings both in the United States and abroad, including 10 years in DR Congo and six years directing a small NGO. She has been Co-chair for the PEFPAR OVC Technical Working Group from 2005 to present. She served as Senior Advisor for OVC at Dept. of State/OGAC/PEPFAR, 2005-2011. Her doctorate is from George Washington University where she served as adjunct professor.

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