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Justice & the Inner Life

“I’m just not sure I can keep going,” he said. He and his wife had moved to Africa to serve in their mid-20s, eyes bright. But after nearly a decade of high highs and low lows, the disappointments seemed to dwarf the progress. “I feel like I’m done.”

I’ve heard similar words from adoptive moms and foster dads, social workers and missionaries, political leaders and CASA volunteers. I’ve said them to myself more than once.

The truth is, most any work of justice and mercy will be harder and longer than we imagined at the start. One little thing after another, the weariness and disappointment can suck idealism dry, leaving our noble dreams limp like corn stocks in drought.

What can sustain us when the rain stops? Here’s a simple truth: if we have no Source beneath the surface, we will eventually run dry.

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