How to Use Orphan Sunday to Engage Your Church

Whether your church is small or large, Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to stir the community to see God’s heart for the fatherless and how individuals can respond. This 30-minute webinar will provide a plethora of practical ideas to help you to inspire and engage others. Learn how to create a simple activity, event or themed meal for your church, family and/or small group. Find partner organizations ready to assist you in turning passion into action. Join churches around the world that participating in Orphan Sunday. Discover countless ready-to-go resources designed to save you time while strengthening your services, meetings, and events. Use Orphan Sunday to spark that next step for your family or church that will grow for years to come. Join this webinar to learn how.

Presenters: David Arruda, Faith Fellowship UMC, Orphan Sunday Director of Pastoral Outreach and Vanessa Vasques, National Orphan Sunday Coordinator