Dangerous Surrender : By Kay Warren

Kay Warren had a plan. Together with her husband, Rick Warren, author of the megaseller “Purpose Driven Life”, planned that after her kids were grown, she‰’d travel the world, teaching and encouraging couples in ministry. It was a good plan. But it wasn‰’t what God had in mind for her.

In this book, she tells stories of the world’s great tragedies (HIV/AIDS, the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia, sex slavery, orphaned children and deep poverty) through the lens of her travels. Warren challenges readers to engage with devastating situations and surrender themselves to loving others‰–particularly those who may be considered outcasts‰–in the name of Christ. She describes being gloriously ruined by her close knowledge of these tragic situations, having previously been unaware or simply too busy raising a family to realize what was happening in the world. No doubt, readers will be inspired by Warren’s considerable passion for the hurting world.

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