Children at Risk | Children’s Program

David C Cook has developed a children‰’s program for children-at-risk and orphan children around the world. They are offering the lessons free to people who can adapt and/or translate them into their own language.

The program can be used in a number of ways. People using it in orphanages are using three lessons each week. One day they teach Bible stories. One day they teach character development and one day they teach life skills. I have attached a sampler that shows 7 lessons. There are hundreds more lessons available. Other groups are using just one day a week because they only meet with the children one day a week. So the first month, the lessons would be Bible lessons aimed specially at hurting children ages 9-11. The second month would be character development and the third month would be life skills.

If after reading these lessons, you would like to know more about your organization partnering with Cook, please contact Marlene LeFever ([email protected]).

Click Here for Children at Risk Sample Lessons

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