When the Dog is Here: The Church’s role in foster care

June 29, 2020

When the church is rallying around families, loving on social workers, and caring for children, it is what it was always meant to be: the light of the world. When the church is here, everything changes.

On this episode we are joined by Jason Johnson, National Director of CAFO Church Ministry Initiative, as he shares about what it means for a church to engage with foster care.  Lauri Currier and Ann Book talk about their work with The CALL in Arkansas, where one county reached more than enough for children and families in foster care, and we wrap up with Jessica Stern, COO of Connect our Kids. Jessica shares a few stories from her own childhood, and what it meant for the local church to ‘show up’ and support her family.

Listen below, and if you want to access the show notes, visit us here.