The Power of Saying Yes

August 6, 2020

In the state of Oklahoma, the number of children in foster care has dramatically decreased over the past few years. This change has stemmed from many  individuals, like Misty Seale and Chris Campbell, who understand the power of a simple ‘yes’. Misty had grown up in the church but spent many years unaware of the needs surrounding foster care in her community. As God revealed the needs within foster care to her, she responded with a ‘yes’ and is now serving  as a foster care advocate and leader. In his role as a pastor, Chris encourages Christ-followers to open up their hearts and their homes to children in foster care. Together, Chris and Misty have been witness to the large transformations occurring for children, homes, and lives across their state that all started with individuals and their small ‘yes’.

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Key Quote:

"Nobody can do everything. Everybody can do something. And if we don't collaborate, we never see the movement happen." - Chris Campbell, Executive Director of the 111Project

Meet Our Guests

Chris Campbell
Chris first got involved in foster care recruitment and support as a pastor. He has led 111Project since 2015. Chris works weekly with church leaders, denominational leaders, child welfare agencies, and other charitable organizations. Chris’s primary efforts are focused on mobilizing the 6200 churches in the state of Oklahoma to see that every child has a family. The ministry has been a catalyst in creating and supporting initiatives in local churches throughout the state either directly with churches like Life. Church’s How to Neighbor or OKDHS Oklahoma Fosters Initiative. 111Project is also the implementor behind CarePortal in Oklahoma where Chris serves as state director. Chris is also active in developing statewide volunteer program with child welfare offices, opening up more opportunities for respite and informal care for families, to expanding scope of CarePortal to other agency partners. Chris is married to Ashley and has 5 beautiful children. Chris’ family was blessed to adopt his youngest daughter from China in 2012 and is honored to have an additional family member that is an amazing young adult named Michael who has aged out of foster care.

Misty Seale
Misty’s passion for the Church engaging in foster care shines as she serves as a foster and adoption advocate. In addition to being the wife to her high school sweetheart of 17 years and the mother of four beautiful children, she is the Founder of Love Does Ministry, has served as a CASA, is a CAFO Orphan Sunday Coordinator, leads a CAFO Prayer Initiative, and is a CarePortal County Coordinator. For fun, Misty loves to be in nature, play dodgeball and play video games. Misty and her family have lived in Oklahoma for 10 years.