Love, Don’t Fix: Redefining success in foster care

April 30, 2023


“Failure in foster care is not when we fail to fix but when we fail to show up and love.” – Chelsea Geyer

How do we define success when working with people who are experiencing hard things? Sometimes we have in our mind this idyllic image of what success looks like and how fast we ought to be able to get there. It might be tied to quarterly progress reports, numbers, growth charts. While there is nothing wrong with that, today we are going to consider what it looks like to trust the Lord and focus on the primary job that He gave us in scripture – to love people well. 

Our incredible guests today are Salt Wall and Chelsea Geyer. They each draw on their work with vulnerable families and their personal lives to share their perspective on defining success and loving the people around them.

Listen below, and if you want to access the show notes, visit us here.