Foster Care as Hospitality With Dr. Sharen Ford and Helen Parks

February 25, 2021

Dr. Sharen Ford, a former child welfare administrator, and Helen Parks, a former foster youth turned advocate, share their unique insights on how the church can successfully partner with government to show hospitality to children in foster care. They offer practical tools and helpful reflections based on what has worked well in their own state of Colorado, which we hope can equip listeners across the nation to collaborate effectively with churches, government agencies, and organizations alike in an effort to provide more than enough for children and families in foster care in their own communities.

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Key Quote / Takeaway:

"All that the bride of Christ has to do is say, yes, we'll lead into this space, and we'll help do the recruitment that the government is required to do, but the church has the opportunity to do." - Dr. Sharen Ford, Director of Foster Care & Adoption at Focus on the Family

Meet Our Guests

Dr. Sharen Ford
Sharen has worked in the field of child welfare/foster care & adoption for over 35 years. She currently serves as the Director of Foster Care and Adoption at Focus on the Family. Her desire is to serve churches and organizations that have a heart for the least of these.

Helen Parks
Helen Parks is an advocate for children in foster care. Having lost her parents at a young age and spending time in foster care, she knows first-hand the value and importance of being a voice for waiting kids. Helen currently serves as the manager of Foster Care and Adoption for Focus on the Family and their Wait No More® program where they work to prepare hearts and homes for kids in foster care – whether for a season, or a lifetime, as well as provide post-placement resources for families. Helen earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.