Filling Potholes: Beyond finding fault in foster care

May 21, 2023

What happens when we see the problems of foster care not just as potholes that someone else should take care of, but as opportunities to create something beautiful, in the exact place that needs it most?  What if instead of pointing out potholes in foster care, we filled them? 

Today we talk to artist Jim Bachor about filling those potholes, and then three leaders from BCS Together in College Station Texas who share their incredible 3 month  journey from seeing a problem, to activating their community and opening  The Haven, a temporary home for children and caseworkers to stay while awaiting a foster care placement. Their inspirational story demonstrates how communities can take ownership of the foster care problem in their area and come together to provide a solution. 

Listen below, and if you want to access the show notes, visit us here.