Foster Movement Podcast: Kevin

October 11, 2017

Kevin Bueker lived in a middle-upper class family in a nice home, but behind the pristine doors of this ideal world, he was suffering unimaginable physical and emotional abuse.  By the time he was in the eighth grade, Kevin found himself kicked out of his home and on the streets wandering his neighborhood.  He would sleep at night in the tube slide at the neighborhood park . . . until a friend and his mom stepped in.  Kevin’s amazing journey led him to his faith and to stepping into the lives of kids who have experienced the same things he has.

We then hear from Pr. Robert Gelinas, whose church in Colorado was confronted with the reality of hundreds of kids waiting for homes.  They decided they could no longer stand by and do nothing.  Pr. Gelinas’ powerful message reminds us of where to look when we can no longer look away.

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  • Your gifts, personality and experiences have uniquely qualified you to play any number of important roles in the foster care system. Check out these 7 different types of people and see which ones best describe who God has created you to be! Finding Your Fit in Foster Care

Key Quote:

"I still remember at one point I told her like, “My parents just don't want me.” She just couldn't believe that, like she had no comprehension of that being possible, and so she called my dad. I sat there and eavesdropped from the stairs as my dad told her, "I don't want him." You know, "He's caused all of these problems. He's the reason why my marriage fell apart, and if you want him, you can have him." I had to sit there and listen to my dad talk on the couch with this woman and give up on me. I think at that moment she realized, "I can't just turn my back on the situation.”" - Kevin Bueker

Meet Our Guests


Kevin Bueker is a former at-risk youth who overcame abuse, neglect,
incarceration and homelessness to become an active foster and adoptive parent and to advocate for at-risk children. Kevin lived in psychiatric hospitals, juvenile detention centers and substitute care before becoming independent at 16 years old. He spent over 10 years in business while simultaneously running a transitional home for 18-21-year-old men, as well as leading church youth groups. He has led juvenile and adult prison ministries and anti-human trafficking ministries and currently volunteers as a motivational speaker for the Preparation for Adult Living Program, while continually providing guidance and support for youth aging out of care. Kevin and his wife, Kelli, are licensed foster parents for children ages 11 to 17.


Robert Gelinas deeply desires to see the body of Christ united across the divides and empowered to serve the poor and the poor in spirit; the miserable and the marginalized; the disabled and those deemed unimportant. Robert is a pastor, writer, and a transformational teacher of God's word. He and his wife, Barbara live with their six children in the Denver area.