Episode 3: Zambia’s Gift to the World: With Guest Pastor Billiance Chondwe

August 21, 2018

Pastor Billy Chondwe shares about that very first Orphan Sunday in his church over 15 years ago and the impact that it has had all around the world.   

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Key Quote / Takeaway:

"Love is not love until you express it" - Pastor Billiance Chondwe

"Orphan Sunday is the children of God expressing the heart of God." - Pastor Billiance Chondwe

Meet Our Guest

Pastor Billiance Chondwe
Father of Orphan Sunday and Executive Director - Balladeers Global Missions Network International

Billiance Chondwe now serves as President of Together Africa Without Orphans (TAWO) and Executive Director of Balladeers Global Missions Network International. The TAWO alliance unites orphan-serving organizations and churches in Africa to ignite passion and build excellence for Christ-honoring orphan care. The goal is ultimately to fulfill a dream of Africa Without Orphans. Billiance founded Orphan Sunday; a program that engages the church to respond to the orphan crisis. He is married to Catherine with four children and is currently residing in Pretoria, South Africa.