Episode 26: Haejin Shim Fujimura

July 12, 2022

Jedd sits down with Haejin Shim Fujimura – lawyer, human trafficking advocate, and entrepreneur –  and explores how the ideas and practices we talk about in each episode of Justice + the Inner Life apply in every sector – including business, medicine, homelife…and even a New York City law firm. 

In this episode, you'll explore:

  • What it means to “seek the Kingdom of God” in our ordinary places and daily lives.

  • Practical ways to care for staff and colleagues in any work setting.

  • How the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi reflects the restorative work God desires to do both in and through His people every day.

  • To hear more from Haejin, join us at the CAFO2022 Summit in Atlanta on September 28-30.

Key Quotes

"You are God’s masterpiece…no matter what position you have, you are so valued." - Haejin Shim Fujimura

"We are to pour ourselves into the broken pieces of our neighbors and become that kintsugi hold for them…[W]hen we do that, this person who was broken can be mended into a new creation." - Haejin Shim Fujimura

"The necessity of thoughtful, intentional care for human souls...applies everywhere, in every field, every part of life." - Jedd Medefind

"Whatever your work, and wherever you are, God wants it to be a place where His grace and healing and new life are growing. That’s the Kingdom of God breaking forth." - Jedd Medefind

Meet Our Guest

Haejin Shim Fujimura
Lawyer, Human Trafficking Advocate, and Entrepreneur

Haejin Shim Fujimura is a lawyer and an entrepreneur. Haejin is the managing partner and founder of the law firm Shim & Associates, P.C., which was founded on the vision of cultural renewal for the legal industry and advocacy for the oppressed.

Haejin is also a Co-founder and the CEO of Embers International, Inc., a global NGO protecting, restoring, and empowering the victims of injustice to end intergenerational oppression. Haejin also serves as the NYC Area Leader of International Justice Mission, the largest anti-slavery organization in the world.

Haejin is also the President of Kintsugi Academy, and with her husband Makoto Fujimura, a leading contemporary artist, leads the movement of “beauty + justice”.