Episode 23: Marilee Pierce Dunker

May 25, 2021

Jedd sits down with Marilee Pierce Dunker, daughter of Bob Pierce — who founded both World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse.  Together, they explore the astounding global impact of Bob’s life…as well as the profound consequences of neglecting one’s own family and soul amidst the demands of ministry.

In this episode, you'll explore:

  • The spiritual vision and human zeal that helped give birth to two organizations impacting millions of lives around the globe.

  • How even the most noble of causes can sometimes crowd out things that matter even more.

  • Loving and honoring others even when they fail us.

  • The importance of trusted friends who can challenge us in our blindspots.

  • Listening well to those nearest to you.

  • Letting go of things that aren’t ours to hold.

  • How God can use even less-than-perfect vessels to accomplish immense good.

    The tender and deeply-moving biography, Man of Vision: The Candid, Compelling Story of Bob and Lorraine Pierce, Founders of World Vision

Key Quotes:

"We don't need to do grand things for God. We need to let God do grand things in us. And then out of the overflow of that grand things will happen." - Marilee Pierce Dunker

"I don't want to be one of those people who is communicating something that's becoming empty for me." - Marilee Pierce Dunker

"We all say we want to be world changers. Well, we all do change the world, every one of us." - Marilee Pierce Dunker

"'No' is a word that wasn't in my dad's vocabulary because somehow he felt saying 'No' was letting God down." - Marilee Pierce Dunker

"We simply get to join our Father in His work. It is not our work. It's not on our shoulders ultimately. If we imagine that it is, we're taking on something God has not given us." - Jedd Medefind

Meet Our Guest

Marilee Pierce Dunker
World Vision Ambassador Emeritus Expert in child sponsorship and global missions

For over 40 years Marilee has been a powerful and passionate voice to the church and especially to women who desire to use their gifts to make a difference for the Kingdom of God and for those in need. As an author, speaker, and international ambassador for children on behalf of World Vision, she inspires and equips others to use their time, talents, and treasure to expand God’s kingdom on earth and care for those living in poverty.

Marilee has traveled to nearly 40 countries, seeing firsthand the effects of injustice and oppression as well as World Vision’s transformational work. A highly sought-after speaker and author, she has been invited to address congregations, women’s groups, and development professionals spanning the globe, from Tanzania to Taiwan.

As the second daughter of Bob and Lorraine Pierce, founders of World Vision, she brings a unique perspective to every message, using illustrations from World Vision’s rich history and her personal faith journey to add dimension and biblical perspective to the powerful stories she shares.

Marilee has been a regular contributor to World Vision magazine. She is combining her talent for writing and passion for World Vision’s spiritual roots to produce her upcoming book, The Audacity of Faith. It focuses on the importance of her father’s many partnerships with missionaries and churches around the world, which laid the foundation for World Vision’s ministry today.

Marilee retired from World Vision in 2020 after 19 years of service on staff, yet she will remain part of the World Vision family. In her new journey she has been honored with the lifelong title of World Vision Ambassador Emeritus and plans to continue to speak, write, and advocate on behalf of those in greatest need.

Marilee currently lives in Vista, California, with her husband, Bob. They have two grown daughters and three grandchildren.