Episode 2: When We Say “Yes” to God: With Guest Misty Seale

August 13, 2018

Our guest is Oklahoma orphan advocate and soon to be an adoptive mom – Misty Seale.  Misty was impacted by that fact that her church did NOT observe Orphan Sunday in 2013.  That day she heard God say, “I want to use you.  Just say, “yes.”  Misty did say yes to God and the following year on Orphan Sunday 2014 her church launched Love Does an orphan care ministry bringing awareness to children in foster care and supporting foster & adoptive families.

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Key Quote:

"I was 33 years old and had never heard of foster care. It blew my mind that we don’t talk about it in church." - Misty Seale

"The moment I said “yes”...God told me what to do. " - Misty Seale

Meet Our Guest

Misty Seale

Misty Seale is an Orphan Sunday Coordinator and orphan advocate in Oklahoma and has even helped to get an Oklahoma Senator involved in Orphan Sunday!