Episode 2: Francis Chan

May 22, 2017

In this episode, Francis Chan shares small choices and habits that have made a big difference for him, keeping his heart passionate and near to Christ, even in very difficult times.

In this episode, you'll discover

  • Small choices that help shift our thoughts away from self and complaint, rooting them instead in habits of thought that strengthen and sustain.

  • The significance of soaking ourselves in Scripture, including memorizing.

  • How time alone with God makes us more like Him

  • Holding together our need for both community and solitude

Key Quotes:

"I’ve got to start my day alone – away from everyone else – just me and God." - Francis Chan

"The more you’re with someone, the more you become like them…so when you’re in the presence of God and your focusing on who He is…we become more like Him." - Francis Chan

"Once you embrace suffering for the glory of Christ, that’s what makes you unstoppable." - Francis Chan

Meet Our Guest

Francis Chan

Francis is a pastor, speaker and best-selling author who believes a life called by Jesus will be a transformed life. He tries to live out that transformation in every aspect—his ministry, his family, his community, his finances and his publishing.

As Chan describes it, after five years of church as usual at Cornerstone where he pastored, a missionary from Papua New Guinea challenged his self-centered theology. Just a few years later, Chan took a trip to Uganda that further altered his thinking and living. “It was there that I fell in love with orphans,” he describes.

Chan started Eternity Bible College in 2004 as a ministry of Cornerstone Community Church with 100 students. In 2008, Eternity launched an abroad program in Ecuador. As of 2009, the college graduated 47 graduates serving in various parts of the world. In 2005, Francis was the featured speaker in a now international video called Stop and Think (JustStopandThink.com) which went viral, landing in every state and 30+ countries.

He has inspired many people with his ‘crazy love’ message. His passion and clarity in sharing the gospel have inspired many to seek the Kingdom of God wholeheartedly, with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.