Episode 18: Overcoming Anxiety in the Era of Coronavirus With Dr. Curt Thompson, M.D.

April 9, 2020

This special conversation between Dr. Curt Thompson and Jedd Medefind was part of the series Living, Loving, and Serving Well in the Era of Coronavirus.  Join as they uncover the neurobiology of fear and anxiety, explore how to approach worry with a view of God’s care and eternity, and explore practical ways to help both our children and ourselves keep peaceful hearts amidst a world turned upside-down.

In this episode, you'll explore:

Key Quotes:

"Evil will use fear at every opportunity to turn my attention away from others, away from God, away from being a force of creativity, and towards being someone who only sees the world as a problem to be fixed – and, oh my goodness, I don’t have what it takes to do this." - Dr. Curt Thompson

"We are made by a God and serve a God that, oddly enough, comes to us and says to us, ‘do not be afraid’." - Dr. Curt Thompson

"The choice of turning our attention to do something in particular – and in specific terms – to the God of all strength and comfort and peace – that is the fundamental choice at the heart of this." - Jedd Medefind

Meet Our Guest

Dr. Curt Thompson, M.D.,
Author, Speaker, Psychiatrist, Founder of Being Known & the Center for Being Known

Inspired by deep compassion for others and informed from a Christian perspective, psychiatrist Curt Thompson shares fresh insights and practical applications for developing more authentic relationships and fully experiencing our deepest longing: to be known.

With a considerable dose of warmth (and surprising measure of humor), Curt weaves together an understanding of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) and a Christian view of what it means to be human — to educate and encourage others as they seek to fulfill their intrinsic desire to feel known, valued and connected. He understands that deep, authentic relationships are essential to experiencing a healthier, more purposeful life — but the only way to realize this is to begin telling our stories more truly.

Curt’s unique insights about how the brain affects and processes relationships help people discover a fresh perspective and practical applications to foster healthy and vibrant lives, allowing them to get unstuck and move toward the next beautiful thing they’re being called to make.

Through his workshops, speaking engagements, books, organizational consulting, private clinical practice and other platforms, he helps people process their longings, grief, identity, purpose, perspective of God and perspective of humanity, inviting them to engage more authentically with their own stories and their relationships. Only then can they can feel truly known and connected and live into the meaningful reality they desire to create.

Curt and his wife, Phyllis, live outside of Washington DC and have two adult children.