Foster Movement Podcast: Annie

December 5, 2019

Annie Hernandez entered Foster Care at the age of ten and experienced a variety of placements, including a group home. Listen to Annie talk her experience in different environments and reflect on how her experiences shaped her. Annie speaks with perspective and maturity as she shares about her interactions with her foster mother and how their relationship shifted over the years. 

Then, to continue our Foster Care Journey, a foster and adoptive couple, Frantz and Stephanie Guignard, share about the intentional decisions they made over the years that impacted both their biological children and eventually their foster and adoptive children. The Guignards remind us of the importance of listening to our children and to the Lord.

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Key Quote / Takeaway:

"I'll tell them like, man, if, if only I had this perspective back then, you know, like I could, who knows what I would be doing, but I know that I would be with a family that loves me, like to no end, you know?" - Annie Hernandez

Meet Our Guests


Annie entered foster care when she was ten years old and was in and out of group homes and foster families. She later joined an organization called Teen Leadership Foundation where she transitioned out of foster care into adulthood. Annie now has a two year old and a five year old and is using her voice and her story to inspire others to engage with youth in foster care.


Frantz and Stephanie Guignard are high school sweethearts who married after college. They have lived in various states, but have landed back in their home state of Texas. Initially their family grew by three, but they then found themselves in a foster and adoption class at their church. Their interest was immediately sparked and they decided to open their home to three under the age of three. But, God had other plans and blessed them with three girls ages three, eight, and ten. After fostering the girls for a few years, they officially welcomed the girls into their family through adoption, for a total of eight members of the Guignard family! The Guignards are passionate about connecting kids with loving families who know Christ and are using their voices and their gifts to support other families who have chosen to answer the foster and adoption call!