Episode 1: The Impact of Saying Yes: With Guest Sandra Flach

August 8, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of Orphan Sunday Stories of Impact. This really is the perfect story to kickoff Orphan Sunday Stories of Impact. Join guest-host Jodi Jackson Tucker as she interviews OS Stories of Impact Podcast host Sandra Flach, Executive Director of Justice For Orphans. Listen in as Sandra shares her very own Orphan Sunday story of how God used her obedience and her “Yes” to pour out blessing and open doors to so much greater.

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Key Quote:

"My eyes were open, my heart was broken, and I wanted to know who’s doing something about this?" - Sandra Flach

Meet Our Guest

Sandra Flach is an adoptive mom and Executive Director of Justice For Orphans Ministry. She hosts the podcast/radio show Orphans No More and serves on the Orphan Sunday national leadership team as Media Coordinator. Her radio show Orphans No More the radio show covers all orphan, adoption and foster care related topics. Guests are local foster and adoptive parents, adult adoptees, agency professionals, and orphan ministry leaders from across the US and around the world.