Uniting 3 Churches & 10 NGOs



Zambia Without Orphans is a Christian National Movement whose goal is to help vulnerable children REMAIN IN or GAIN a loving family. In oneness with other Christians around the world, ZWO is rising to answer the Biblical call to respond to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children separated from parental, and kinship care. Some of these children are now resident on the streets, or sheltered in child care facilities around the country. The Movement supports and encourages individual churches in the country to take responsibility and create a favorable Continuum of Care for every orphan and vulnerable child within their communities.


The ZWO vision is to see every Zambian child remain in or gain a loving family.


To engage and mobilize the Church and Community towards working with the Government and other concerned stakeholders in preventing family separation; promoting and enabling family reintegration; and recruiting families for alternative family-based care.