Uniting 80 Churches & 200 NGOs



We have a network of 150 organisations, 80 are churches and the rest are schools and child care institutions(homes where children stay).

We have 3 focus areas:

  1. Child belong in Families
  2. Children belong in Education
  3. Children in Safe spaces


  • To be God-fearing: We are dependent on God in all that we are and do. We seek to glorify Jesus and not ourselves. We seek to build his Kingdom.
  • To promote networking between Christians: We value collaborative action especially by the Christian community in all its different expressions, to positively impact children at risk.
  • To see children as our most important citizens: We value the well-being of all children and we recognise the power of God in transforming lives and their communities. Therefore we strive with compassion to influence the lives of children for good, to achieve justice for them and to restore individual well-being, self-worth and joy, and to have fun, especially for those at risk.
  • To respond to the needs of children at risk in a Christ-like manner: We value the call God has given us to be a part of His Kingdom here on earth in working with and for children.
  • To promote quality care for children at risk: We value excellence, diligence, integrity, professionalism and creativity in caring for children. Therefore we will work together to see the quality of our work continually improving, where mistakes are learnt from, and success is celebrated, and where we find it a joy to engage in our work.