Uniting 20 Churches & 18 NGOs


Paraguay Protects Families (PPF) is a national movement driven by a network of churches, children’s homes and foster care agencies that is pursuing best care practices in our nation with a shared vision: “That every child can grow in a safe and loving family and reach their God-given purpose, making our Heavenly Father known to the entire nation.”. We work very closely with the local government leaders, national church leaders and NGO’s to bring all together for the good of the orphaned and vulnerable children.

Our mission is to promote the movement of the Church throughout the country, in collaboration with Government and society, activating, equipping and connecting them to strengthen vulnerable families, as well as to multiply foster care and/or adoption of children removed from their families, and to provide support for those in residential care transitioning to family and community based care.

18 primary partners form the Facilitation Group of the PPF movement, of which 2 are evangelical church networks with churches across the country (the Evangelical Church Alliance of Paraguay and the Evangelical Pastors Alliance of Paraguay), while 8 carry out alternative care programs (6 residential, and 3 foster care), and 8 are community-based programs or ministries (strengthening families and providing holistic support to vulnerable children).