Uniting 8 Churches & 7 NGOs



In the Republic of Moldova, the care for the orphan and the child without parental care continues to be a current social problem. Thus, Moldova Without Orphans Association considers that it is necessary to support government institutions and develop partnerships with them in order to achieve children’s rights and interests. The activity of the Association will be conducted according to the general Christian, biblical and professional principles in the field, in order to provide the necessary support to orphan children. The Association will provide support to families with children, as a measure to prevent the potential abandonment of children, thus, contributing to the efforts of all actors in the field, to have the greatest impact on society.
The main goals of the Association in activity are the following:

  1. Provide maternal care services, the care for orphan children and those without parental care.
  2. Promote the special form of protection, applied in the best interests of the child, establishing the affiliation between the adopted child and the adopters;
  3. Promote the protection of orphans and children without parental care through all possible legal forms;
  4. Promote the fundamental rights of the child and, in particular, guarantee the child’s right to have a family;
  5. Promote care services for the children without parental care.
  6. Promote, through different ways and events, the children’s rights and interests, but also prevent the status of children at risk and children without parental care;
  7. Elaborate, publish and promote concepts, ideas, regarding the knowledge and study of the phenomenon of prevention and protection of orphan children and children without parental care;
  8. Organize seminars, conferences, meetings, lessons, etc., in order to protect the orphan children’s rights.
  9. Inform and catalyze local Christian communities in their responsibility to get involved and provide support to families with children and children in need of parental care.

The strategic goals of the association for collaboration with other institutions and intervention in society are the following:

  • Promote adoption
  • Prevention (preventing the separation of children from the family)
  • Training and support
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Summits