Ghana Without Orphans

Uniting 30 Churches & 15 NGOs



Vision :
To give all orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana, a passport out of institutions and streets (orphan nation) into the joy of a better Christian life.

Our mission is to inform, mobilize and equip the Body of Christ, Government Agencies, NGO’s, Corporate Bodies and Individuals to give all orphans and abandoned children a loving and caring Christian family.

Objective of this movement is to establish a steady and stable approach to caring for orphans and abandoned children in Ghana. This approach will be based on:

  • Prevention: To prevent the disintegration of families through strategies that strengthen families such as Micro-finance to the Foster Parent Co-operative Credit Union. Scholarships, access to National Health Insurance, food pantry and Community Without Orphans project.
  • Reintegration: Reintegration with the extended family: In cases where children are separated from their immediate family, to find loving relatives who are able to create a caring and stable environment for the child.
  • Fostering: When an adoptive family cannot be found, temporary or long-term care with foster families can still provide a good home for children.
  • Adoption: When the possibility of a family reunion is exhausted, to find the child a loving adoptive family, preferably with a Christian family (Domestic or Inter-country adoption).


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