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The Pontes de Amor NGO, a philanthropic organization, is a support group for adoption and family and community life with headquarters in the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais state, being affiliated to Brazil’s National Adoption Association (ANGAAD). It was formed in June 2012, with the mission of supporting and encouraging legal adoption via social technologies and multidisciplinary actions, promoting the intra and inter-relational health of children, teenagers and their families. Its goals are to facilitate social, family and community life for children and teenagers undergoing an adoption process or who are in foster care, especially regarding the preparation, orientation and monitoring of families who have adopted or intend to adopt, as well as to contribute to the increase of legal adoptions.

General Goals

To promote family and community life for children and teenagers so that they can exercise their rights to live within a family (whether biological or adoptive) and to ensure these families are empowered to fulfill their roles in a functional manner.

Specific Goals

 To aid, guide and favor the sharing of experiences;
 To support families in pre and post-adoption;
 To promote legal, late, interracial and sibling adoption and adoption of people with mental and physical disorders;
 To support mothers who hand over their children for adoption (offering psychological support and/or helping the child to remain in its biological family whenever possible);
 To develop partnerships between society and institutions who foster children and teenagers, favoring the social, cognitive and emotional development of the institutionalized individual;
 To help build a new awareness in relation to adoption;
 To promote and support studies relative to adoption, parenting, family and community life in society, schools and universities;
 To build a relationship network and to share information about adoption (articles, laws, congresses and steps for adoption, among others);
 To offer the course required by the New Adoption Law to adoption candidates (we are the institution which the Children and Juvenile Court has approved for this purpose);
 To train professionals involved in the child and teenager protection network in new social technologies relative to adoption, family and institutional foster care, sponsorship and guarantee of family and community life of children and teenagers;
 To promote monthly meetings, under the direction of specialized professionals, in order to construct, alongside adoptive parents and candidates for adoption, a healthier and more functional path, both intra and interpersonal;
 To promote reflective lectures that contribute to healthier family relationships, demythification of ideas and alignment of parents’ motivation regarding adoption, training them to deal with any possible crises so as to reduce the number of returns of children and teenagers and encouraging them, whenever possible, to adopt those who are normally rejected;
 To create bonds between high school and university students and children and teenagers in institutional foster care, thus allowing them to share experiences, build relationships, learn about community life and social responsibility, fight prejudice and share knowledge (music, school help and foreign languages, among others);
 To offer legal, therapeutic, psychological and psychopedagogical support to families and children in pre and post-adoption, helping children and teenagers to process their losses (biological family or institution) and be open to forming new bonds;
 To coach parents and families undergoing an adoption process, as well as teenagers in institutional car