More Than Enough What? Part 1

More Than Enough Essentials Cohort 1 (Friday 10:30am EST) More Than Enough What? Part 1

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      CAFO Staff

      Do you believe that more than enough foster, kinship, adoptive families and help for biological families is possible in the county where you live.  Why or why not?

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      Vince Smith

      Absolutely!  There are 165 churches in Centre County where we live and serve.  There are generally between 75 and 80 children in the care and custody of Children and Youth Services.  It’s taken years to get here, but we’ve seen the CHURCH step up in many ways over the past 10+ years with more than 40 congregations engaging at some level of fostering, adopting, or providing wrap around support for biological, kinship and foster families.  We still have a ways to go, but we are seeing good progress.  As our team of church representatives builds God is opening more doors for passionate advocates to speak in churches.   We have found it isn’t that Christians don’t care, they just don’t know the need or how to take the next step.  Every time we’ve had the opportunity to speak at a church service, to a women’s or men’s group, in a Sunday school class etc. there is always someone who responds.  We believe God will increase the number of congregations in the county who have a dedicated advocate.

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        CAFO Staff

        I don’t know if Jason has said it yet…but I know he will! Chip & Dan Heath often say that what looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity! I love that you are helping everyone see those next steps! Also, those numbers are so encouraging! 40 congregations already working together is phenomenal!

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      Allen Kakooza

      « Resistance is often lack of clarity » That statement helped me understand why I get so many no’s.  Yes it is possible if we can communicate to our audience in the language they understand.

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        CAFO Staff

        Oh I just replied with the same thing! I hadn’t seen your post yet! I would be interested to know how you feel your communication changes between Uganda (I am sorry if I am mis-remembering which country you partner with) and Illinois!

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      Donna Ivey

      Yes, I believe there are more than enough foster, kinship, adoptive families and resources for biological families in the state of  Illinois/ county where I live. However, the commit described in Chp.1 of the book Until There’s More Than Enough. It talked about sharing in small numbers in order for people to understand that it’s possible to reach the  goal. When the goal  becomes achievable it will cause people to work together and do what God called us to do in foster care ministry.

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