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      Leah St. Pierre
      CAFO Staff

      Welcome! You’ve made it to the right place and we would love to get to know you a bit.

      Please introduce yourself: Name, location, vocation (how do you spend your time?!), why are you taking this course?, What are you apprehensive about?, What are you most excited about?

      I’ll introduce myself a bit on our orientation call. Looking forward to getting to know each of you as much as possible!

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      Melissa Schlax

      Hey, My name is Misi. I work in a Children’s Home in Gautemala that is currently making some very large transitions toward smaller homes and family styled care. My job is sponsorship and communications and while I have been reading about orphan care issues for years, I am excited to take this course and really take time to study these issues more. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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        Leah St. Pierre
        CAFO Staff

        Hi Misi,

        Great to meet you! I’m sure we’ll be able to learn a lot from your experiences and the knowledge you’ve already gained along the way. One of our themes is de-institutionalization and transitioning to family-based care, so particularly here it will be interesting to hear how your real-world experience intersects with the content. Thanks for what you do and thanks for being here!

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      Kaylee Hendriex

      My Name is Kaylee Hendriex and I am a program director at a children’s shelter for kids coming into state’s custody. We serve 0-18. All of our kids are victims of abuse and neglect. I manage a staff of around 15 people. The majority are college kids attending Texas Tech. Prior to this I would recruit and manage foster parents and help them through the foster care process. I have been in this field for eight years. I love it!

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      Laura Wurst

      My name is Laura, and I am currently studying Children’s Ministry in Bible college! I am taking this course, because I feel that God has given me a passion for caring for children, specifically orphans/foster children. I am really looking forward to learning more about this type of ministry!

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      Kaari Vasquez

      I’m excited to read about how God is currently using the participants in this class! My name is Kaari Vasquez. My husband and I served for 9 years as foster parents in the United States, adopted our two sons (currently 10 years old) through foster care, and then God brought us all to serve at an orphanage in Mexico. We have been here for over a year and a half now. Our main responsibilities involve academic support for the children here. I am spoiled because my time is spent playing with the children, teaching pre-school, helping with homework, participating in a discipleship program, etc. I’m most excited to learn about how we can help encourage those in charge to consider a more family-based approach. My heart is burdened for our children here to have permanency.

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      Lis Doane

      Hi, my name is Lis Doane and I have three children, one biological, one adopted from Ethiopia as an infant, and one adopted from foster care at four.  I have been praying for an adoptio ministry for a long time and God led me to a church just launching one.  We struggled for so long and I didn’t want families to go through what we did.  I am hoping this course will teach me to  help make our ministry what God has intended.  I want to be God’s hands and feet to hurting families.   My only reservation is this looks like a lot of work and I have a busy family!


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      Jonathon Sampson

      My name is Jon Sampson and I live in Clinton, South Carolina. My wife and I were houseparents at a family style group home for kids in foster care, and after we adopted 2 boys (ages 10 and 12) I moved within the same organization to my current job as a foster care recruiter. I work closely with churches to spread awareness of the need for foster parents and the ways that they can get involved. I am looking forward to learning how to better engage churches and promote foster care in our community.

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        Julia Given

        Hey Jon! We may have met. Did you work the vendor booth at the Refresh Conference?

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        Jonathon Sampson

        Hey Julia, I was not at Refresh, but another recruiter from my agency was. I work for Thornwell. My wife attended Refresh and really enjoyed it!

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      Natalie Cormier

      Greetings all! My name is Natalie Cormier and I am currently located in College Station, Texas where I am in my first year of graduate school pursuing a Master in Public Service and Administration at Texas A&M University’s Bush School of Government and Public Service. In my studies, I focus on nonprofit management, analytical methods, and international development.

      I am taking this course to learn more about the world around me and the work that I might want to pursue in the future. I am also interning with CAFO this semester and seek to learn more about the many different ways that God is working.

      I am very excited to learn more about specific and strategic methods that are being taken in this ministry. I unfortunately will be unable to make the meetings every week because of classes and I will be very busy this semester in general, but God provides so I’m sure that this will be a great semester!

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      Emma MacDougall

      Hi, my name is Emma MacDougall. I am a junior in college at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I am majoring in Sport Administration and minoring in Marketing.

      I am taking this course because I am a student leader in Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) and am starting an orphan care ministry. I went to Zimbabwe on a summer mission last summer with VisionTrust where we worked with orphans and God really showed me that I have a heart for them. I am wanting to learn more about God’s heart for the orphans and the hurting and how I can serve more like Jesus especially in this area. I am also excited to learn how I can help incorporate what I learn here into the orphan ministry that we are starting.

      I am really excited how I can grow in ministry through this and serve the Lord more. It does look like a lot of work especially because I am a full-time college student, disciple multiple girls, and lead a Bible Study but I know that the Lord will provide, so I am very excited!

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      Katelyn Myers

      Hi, my name is Katelyn Myers. I graduated from Texas Tech in December with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. While pursuing this degree I gained interest in foster care and adoption by working at the Texas Boys Ranch Children’s Shelter. I am given the opportunity to take care and love on abused and neglected children who are beginning their process through foster care.

      I am excited to trust God throughout the process of this course and grow my ministry in this field as I know that God continues to put hurting children and families on my heart and in my prayers.

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      Mike Evans

      Hey everyone! I’m Mike Evans, living up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota gearing up for a million people coming to our state this week for the Super Bowl.

      I currently work for a for profit company where I am a project manger, but have a heart and passion for foster care and vulnerable children and there families. My wife Missy and I are working on me leaving that career and going into a full time ministry roll, we are just navigating what that looks like for our family as she stays home and home schools our girls. We are licensed foster parents through our county and have been for almost 4 years now. We have 2 biological daughters and just adopted our third daughter this summer from foster care, and just this past week we took in another little girl.

      We launched a foster care ministry at our church and have had amazing results of people stepping forward. We are excited to see where God leads our family to help not only lead others into foster care, but ultimately to Jesus. I am excited to gain as much knowledge as possible through this courser and learn from each of you.

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      Ariel Meneese

      Hey everyone! My name is Ariel and I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I am an Administrative Specialist at World Orphans, a nonprofit that enables international churches to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities. I am taking this course to further my knowledge about the field in which I work and because I love to learn! I am not really aprehensive about anything, but I am very excited to get started!

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      Brittney Wallace

      Hi, my name is Brittney Wallace. I graduated in December 2015 from University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. I began using my degree very recently working with Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes in Birmingham, AL in foster care. I have always dreamed of having a job working either in foster care or adoption, mainly due to my heart and experience in local and global missions experiencing the orphan crisis around the world. My job consists of home visits to check in with our families who foster through us and to check on the kids in care, work alongside DHR (Department of Human Resources) to ensure all needs are being met, attend court hearings for the child and biological parents, doctors appointments, service plans, education plans, among many other roles we play as a social worker.

      This course was recommended by my boss to learn a little more about the world of orphan care through a social work perspective and to fill in my time a little more since I am starting out with only a few kids in my care! 🙂 I am kind of apprehensive about this course because it’s been two years since I’ve taken any kind of online course, but I’m excited to learn and grow as a Social Worker through this course!

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      Kaitlyn Stutts

      Hello, my name is Kaitlyn. I currently live in Montgomery, AL and spend my time juggling multiple roles. I work at a local apartment complex, but am working on my Master’s in Social Work from The University of Alabama. I am in my internship this semester at Agape of Central Alabama, which is a local foster care, adoption, and maternity services agency so I heard about and am taking this course as part of my internship.

      I think I am most excited about expanding my knowledge and education about vulnerable populations. I have always had a heart for the hurting and oppressed, one of the reasons I chose the field of social work, so look forward to learning how I can use this information in my field.

      I think like many of you, I am most apprehensive about the time it will take to complete the coursework. It seems like a lot to add into my job, internship, and coursework for my other classes this semester. While it will be difficult at times, I think it will provide knowledge and education that will only enhance my career moving forward.

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      Lindsey Hughes

      Hi, my name is Lindsey Hughes. I live in Montgomery, Alabama and am currently a senior at Troy University earning my BSW degree. This semester, I am interning at Agape of Central Alabama – a local adoption, foster care, and maternity services agency. My supervisor at Agape suggested that I take this course as part of my practicum because orphans and vulnerable children are the populations which Agape predominantly serves.

      I am most apprehensive about the time commitment that this course will require. On top of work regarding my internship and coursework with Troy, this course seems like it will be rather intensive with weekly calls, journals, readings, etc. However, I am very excited to expand my knowledge and skills in the realm of working with orphans and vulnerable children. My heart has always been to work with children in this capacity, so going forward, I know that this course will be beneficial in further equipping me for a career in this field. I look forward to learning alongside each of you.

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      Jules Huff

      Hi! My name is Jules Huff and I just started working at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries in Birmingham, AL. I work as a Social Services Aide and Volunteer Coordinator. I am about to wrap up my Masters in Theological Studies from Beeson Divinity School this May, and I feel a clear call to work with orphan care ministry.

      I grew up as a bio kid in a foster home, and my two youngest sisters are adopted from the foster care system in SC, but I am excited about taking this course to learn more about the logistics of orphan care ministry. I am also a little apprehensive about the time commitment because of working full time and completing my Masters this semester, but I am glad to know that this course will be helpful as I start my career. I look forward to learning with and from each of you!

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      Hello! My name is Laura, and I live in Portland, Oregon. I manage the child sponsorship program for Open Arms International, a nonprofit focused on orphan care and community transformation in Eldoret, Kenya. I am so passionate about ethical orphan care, and I’m exciting to learn from this course!

      Although I’m a bit apprehensive about the time commitment involved in a class like this, I’m looking forward to connecting with all of your and learning about something that’s so important to the work we do. I just returned from a month in Kenya working with our staff and children there, and it made me even more committed to knowing how I can best work and serve alongside them.

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      Mandy Hernandez

      Hi! I’m Mandy Hernandez. I live in Nashville, TN. I work for a children’s center in Haiti where we care for orphans, a pediatric medical center and school for the vulnerable children of our village and country. My job is stateside running our office and working with our donors. I get to travel to Haiti a few times a year and look forward to going in a couple weeks!

      My heart is for children and I would love to be a foster mom here in the states soon, and later adopt.

      I wanted to take this class to get a united perspective on this field of ministry. I want to be a better advocate for the children in our care in Haiti and for children here in Tennessee and around the world. I want to better tell their stories to our donors and churches. I look forward to learning with and from all of you!

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      Caitlin Snyder

      Hi! My name is Caitlin Snyder. I’m the Director of Marketing and Outreach at an international adoption agency. I’ve had a heart for the orphan for as long as I can remember, but a trip to Mexico in 2010 with Back2Back Ministries solidified my desire to advocate for vulnerable children.

      I’m excited to take the class and to LEARN more! I am eager to be a better advocate for the children who are so worthy of it.

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      Emily Evans

      Hi everyone! My name is Emily Evans and I live in Ohio. I am a full time student at Kent State University. I am graduating in May with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I am interested in Counseling, Foster Care and Adoption and Missions work. I am taking this course because God has laid Foster Care and Adoption on my heart and I am excited to learn as much as I can through this course! On a missions trip in Mexico we visited an orphanage and I felt God calling me to dig deeper into the plan he has for Foster care and Adoption in my life.  I pray it will help lead me in the direction God has for me in my future career and also future hopes of adopting!

      I am a little nervous about the time involvement on top of all my other classes, but I am very excited to learn and grow in knowledge!

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      Chandler Burnell

      Hi, my name is Chandler Burnell and I am from Cumming, Georgia. I am currently a student at the University of North Georgia and am studying English with a teaching certificate. I enjoy reading a variety of literature and hope to teach high school English classes. Most of the time you will find me with a book, hanging out with my friends, or at an Atlanta United match. I am a high school small group leader at my church for a group of junior boys. Leading them has been an eye-opener for me, just being able to see the difference of the world and faith from their perspective in the world they live in. My family has been fostering for about 7 years now and adopted my sister after fostering her for about 2 years. As a sibling already in the home, fostering was a huge struggle for me personally and I feel that other siblings may feel the same way I did as a foster sibling. It was never easy and not always fun, but I was able to learn a lot about myself and fostering/adoption. Because of my own struggles as a foster sibling, I recently created a facebook group called SiblingTruths to reach out to other families and siblings that foster to have a place to share struggles and discuss the issues that come with fostering. I really hope that this course can teach me more about fostering and give me the knowledge and insight to help other foster siblings in their struggle. I am nervous about the course load just because I have a lot going on with school right now, but hope to make it work out.

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      Alexis Martens

      Hey everyone, my name is Alexis Martens and I am a third-year undergraduate Biochemistry major at the University of California Merced. My faith and knowledge have been growing in exciting ways and God continues to reveal the passion he instilled in me to care for His people. I had the opportunity to hear from Leah at an Intervarsity large group (one of our Christian clubs on campus) and felt God calling me to grow and learn more about the systems and atmospheres surrounding our brothers and sisters in need. I am so excited to get down into the trenches of literature and educate myself more so that God can use me to glorify His greatness.

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      Hey there! My husband and I are foster parents in central Maryland (for almost 5 years). Much to my introverted horror, I’ve recently been getting invites to speak on the orphan topic at local churches and, as I wrestle with that, I feel the need for new perspectives and information. I hear there is wisdom and safety in a multitude of counselors, so thanks to each of you for being part of my multitude 🙂 We’re looking forward to learning and asking some tough questions of ourselves and the Church.

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      meghan rivard

      Hello! My name is Meghan. I live in Westfield Indiana with my husband and 4 year old daughter we adopted as an infant. We have an open adoption with her birthfamily and absolutely love it. I have my masters in social work and work as a home study assistant for an adoption agency in Indianapolis. I also was just asked to co-lead an orphan and adoption care ministry at my local church.

      I have a passion for adoption, orphan care and am every excited to learn more!

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      Steven Arant

      My name is Steven, and I currently live in Kyiv, Ukraine. My wife and I are currently working alongside several trauma-centered organizations in the hopes of spreading Christ, love, and education to the locals here. I am currently involved in Father’s House (a local Ukrainian organization) as the Director of the Pedagogical Adventure Program to encourage kids and young adults to seek God outside through outdoor activities (eg. backpacking, climbing, rafting, etc.). We are planning on adopting here in Ukraine, and are waiting on God for a more permanent home to continue the process.

      I want to better educate myself to be sensitive to those who have experienced trauma, and to understand more about the effects of being orphaned, abused, neglected, and forgotten.

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      Jessica Rush

      Hey everyone!

      My name is Jessica and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I am finishing my MSW from The University of Alabama and getting ready to graduate in May. I was previously in the education field before going back to school and I am currently interning at Agape of Central Alabama – a local adoption, foster care, and maternity services agency. My supervisor told me about this course and recommended that I enroll. The only thing I would say I am apprehensive about is just the amount of coursework but not overwhelmingly so. I am most excited about learning from so many different professionals in this field. I am just getting my feet wet and I look forward to gleaning wisdom through this course!

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      Emma Leitson

      Hi, My name is Emma Leitson and I am from Roswell, GA. I am currently at the University of Georgia. I am very involved at a christian organization called Wesley at my school where I disciple and I am apart of a leadership team that studies more about missions and God’s heart for the nations. I am very excited to take this class because I truly do feel that God is calling my heart to help those in need and I would love to learn more about God’s heart for orphans as well as just learn more about God’s heart and love in general. I am hoping to intern for CAFO and I think this class is a great opportunity to learn more about this organization and what their mission is about!

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      Leonel Vasquez

      Hi, my name is Leonel but please feel free to call me Lee. My wife Kaari already said everything for the both of us and for that I’m appreciative as I’m a guy of few words. I guess if I could add anything personally, I’m excited to be taking this course to become a better advocate for children. I’m most excited about hearing what others are doing around the world for God’s kingdom and how to participate more.

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      Courtney Schmidt

      Hi everyone!

      My name is Courtney and  I live in Louisville, KY. I am originally from Texas, but moved here 1.5 yrs ago with my husband (Joseph) to attend Southern Seminary. I graduated in 2011 from the University of North Texas with my BS in Human Development and Family Studies, and I am currently pursuing an MA in Biblical Counseling at Southern Seminary.

      I was recently hired with Bethany Christian Services as a Pregnancy Counselor, and later will be doing some Adoption Specialist work as well. I have worked with children (and families) for about 11 years now, but this is my first social work position. Most of my work has been within education (led an after school program, led an elem. reading center, worked as a nanny, etc).

      My supervisor told me about this training and said it would correlate to my new position. I am excited about this course and look forward to learning more.


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      Dianna Yang


      My name is Dianna and I am a social work major at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I learned about CAFO through my internship. I am interning at Lifeline Children’s Services, an adoption agency. I take part in domestic adoptions and international post-adoptions. I am taking this course because I have an interest in Orphan Care and in learning how to care for vulnerable children through the Gospel lens. I’m thrilled to be a part of this course and can’t wait to learn how God is moving around the world.

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      Brittany Dealy


      I am Brittany, and I work at World Orphans in Castle Rock, CO.

      I am the Donor Relations and Administrative Specialist and am looking forward to learning so much! My background is retail management, so I’m trying to get as much knowledge as I can about the new industry I am in 🙂 Loving the non-profit world and am excited to learn in a more formal setting.

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      Jacklynn Campbell

      Hi! My name is Jacklynn and I’m a Children’s Ministry Director at my home church in Sulphur, La.  I am also a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children) volunteer, so I am slightly familiar with the US/Louisiana court process for children in the interest of the state.  I graduated a little over a year ago with a BA in Sociology w/ a concentration in Family and Child Studies.  I’ve always been drawn to research and children, so this is why I’m here!  I am excited to learn and grow with the end goal to put into practice and apply the principles and resources learned.

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      Timothy Martiny

      My name is Timothy Martiny.

      My wife and I have been missionaries in Guatemala for 15 years with our six children.

      Our ministry is called Cadanino, which translates into each/every child. We serve the orphaned, vulnerable and profoundly disabled.

      Historically we have worked mainly within orphanages running vocational training programs, doing discipleship and providing continuity to children as they age out, but in the last few years we have placed a greater emphasis on orphan prevention working with at-risk families in their communities to try and keep children at home and out of orphanages.

      We run two community centers that provide Bible classes, computer training, discipleship and nutritional assistance to the families in partnership with our local church.

      For anyone who is interested, you can find our more of what we do here: http://www.cadanino.net and here http://www.missionarytim.com

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      My name is Darren Washausen.

      I, along with my wife Stacia, have been leading a regional alliance, Orphan Care Alliance since January of 2009.  We serve the Kentucky and Southern Indiana Region.

      We work with many churches and are growing with volunteers through the state.  We have several ministries within OCA from pre-adoption, family support, preventative, and life coaching plus a focus on church engagement.

      We also work closely with state government and many collaborative members of our communities.

      I am excited to learn more about this course potentially for our employees and volunteers.

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      Penny Fairo

      Hi My name is Penny Fairo and I live in Haiti. I am the Director of a children’s home and school. I have lived in Haiti for 7 years now.  I love CAFO and have attended the Orphan Summit for the last 5 years. Great resources, workshops and networking. I am looking forward to this class and learning more about OVC care and best practices.

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      Rebecca McMahan

      My name is Becca McMahan. I am a social work supervisor for an intensive, family-preservation program called Homebuilders (it’s evidence-based, awesome, and you should check it out in your free time 😉 ) in Indianapolis, Indiana. I work for a non-profit called Bethany Christian Services. I am taking this course per the recommendation of my supervisor in preparation as I transition into my new role later this summer as the supervisor for our international adoption program.


      I have an MSW degree and have experience both in school and post-grad work with children who have been impacted by trauma. I am looking forward to learning more this semester in this class!

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      Julia Given

      Hello! I am Julia Given and I live in Simpsonville, SC along with my husband and our 2 boys. We are foster parents and have fostered many children from infants to teenagers, through Safe Families, helping out others and DSS. I currently work as a Volunteer & Community Relations Coordinator at a local Christian school. I am praying that God will open doors for me to be in a position (career) that serves vulnerable children. We have many friends that are foster parents.

      I am anticipating this course to educate us as we speak at churches and advocates for the vulnerable children.

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      Cerasela Harris


      My name is Cerasela Harris and I am a student intern at Bethany Christian Services in Indianapolis. I am a senior college student from Manchester University working towards my bachelor’s degree in social work. I am excited to learn more about foster care and adoption. I have had previous part time jobs working with children and I enjoy working with children and I want to be able to help children in the future, so I am excited to learn skills that will help me do that. I don’t currently have any reservations about the course other than minor technical difficulties.

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      Katya Heyl

      Hello my name is Katya Heyl but I was born Ekaterina Pilnova. I currently live in Durham NC and grew up in Raleigh. I am a manager at a Chick-fil-A. I am taking this course because I am an adult adoptee who desires to work in orphanages in Russia (birth country), China, and potentially South Korea. I’m apprehensive about taking an online course because I learn better in face-to-face environments. I’m excited to learn about orphans from my perspective as an adoptee but also in other areas of orphan care such as child welfare professionals.

      I’m sorry for the late post!


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      Danita White



      My name is Danita. I live in McKinney, Texas, and currently work as a social media manager at a start-up digital media agency. What I enjoy most, however, is writing and movies, as I feel that God has called me to have a career in filmmaking. I also enjoy working with kids and helping them come to have a faith of their own and develop into their full God-given potential.


      I am taking this course because I want to get more involved on a local and national level in helping children who are growing up in less-than-ideal situations without stable families and a supportive community. I am excited about connecting with others and learning a lot over the next few months.

      • #30620
        Rebecca McMahan

        Hi Danita, It’s nice to virtually meet you. It sounds like you have a passion for creativity. I’m excited to see if and how you can incorporate what you’re learning in this course into your professional work!

        Hope you have a great week!


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      Courtney Goodwin

      Hi! My name is Courtney Goodwin and I am a student at UAB. I graduate with my bachelor’s degree in April in social work. I am currently interning at Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes and my field supervisor introduced me to the course. I am apprehensive about the time commitment to this course because I work and intern while also attending class and completing assignments for school. I am most excited about hearing from all of the great people that are going to speak for this course.

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      Anastasia Huffman

      Hi!! I am Anastasia and am currently located in San Antonio, Texas with hopes to be relocating for ministry (husband is a pastor) in the not too distant future. I am currently serving in a position(Communications Specialist) that I came across on the CAFO website with a non profit called Ignite Hope. My other current role (Mom) started on January 15th, when after 9 years of marriage and having gone through the foster parent licensing in the state we previously lived in- we were blessed with our first child. My husband and I still plan to be foster parents in our new location and will continue to advocate as well.

      I am taking this course because I am a constant learner. I love reading and being able to share what I learn with others.

      My reservation comes in the form of time- having a newborn and a possible move, I am hoping I have enough time to do it all well. I am excited to share what I learn.

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      Sabrina More

      Hi Everyone,

      I’m Sabrina I am located in Albany,Ga. I am Director of Hope City United’s Outreach center and have been serving in that role for a year now. Recently my husband and I have relocated both of our children to Ohio for college. We are empty nesters now, something I am very unfamiliar with. We are used to having a home with kids, friends and noises. During the transition of our children being accepted into college God brought me a job opportunity with a non profit organization, Promise 686 out of Atlanta Ga. I am now Regional Manager with Promise 686. We mobilize churches and families to serve orphans and children in foster care. We stand in the gap an bring the “forgotten” to the front of the church body calling on the church to be the hands and feet of Christ to serve and care for orphans and vulnerable children.

      I am taking this course to learn more about vulnerable children and the foster care system. I plan to take this information I am learning and apply it when sharing the need that seems so great but so “hidden” and not often talked about. My prayer is to leave no child behind and not let them be forgotten any longer.

      My reservation (personal)  is will I be able to with stand and fulfill the calling God has placed before me as I am new to this. I know I will because God has single handily  placed me where I am today, but that self sabotaging  thought has creep in.

      What I am most excited about and its one of my passions is watching the hand of God work and bring things together. I love watching Him work! I am also most excited about  the connections that will be made through this course and to be able to learn from others as we get into the course work.

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      Anna Howard

      Hi there! My name is Anna Howard and I am a social worker for the Birmingham location of Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes. I graduated with my BSW in December of 2014 and have since worked at DHR and a mental health agency. I recently found my way back to ABCH after interning with the agency during college. My work includes placing children mostly via DHR referrals, home visits, court appearances, etc. It was recommended by my supervisor that I take this course to continue orphan care education. I am apprehensive about the course due to the fact that I have not taken any classes in 3 1/2 years, but I am very excited to learn and grow with you all! Education is so important for us as social workers, and I look forward to growing in my career through the class.

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      Richard Roseland

      I know this is late, but I was out of country. I am Richard Roseland and I am the Member Care Coordinator at Orphanos. I have been a missionary with Orphanos for 12 years: for 3 years at an orphanage in Mexico, for 7 years at an orphanage in Ecuador, and now 2 years being a global missionary to our missionaries at various orphanages. My reservation is based on time and the need to be in and out of the country during this course…that I won’t be able to dedicate the needed time. I’m excited to constantly be learning about God through various means.

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